Run PowerPointTM Projections From Your DMX Lighting Control Board
Keystroke will be available in mid-November 2005

For less than the cost of a single spotlight, you can equip your system to cue your PowerPointTM projections directly from your DMX control board.

KeystrokeTM, Rosco's new hardware/software solution is easy to install, easy to use and will operate reliably for the life of your control board and PC! What Keystroke does is enable your DMX lighting control board to press the keys on the computer that contains your PowerPoint program. You can build fade-ins and fade-outs into your projections and run them just like you run lighting cues. Its one board, one operator for both lighting and projections when Keystroke is in your system.

If you prefer, Keystroke can run your PC-generated sound cues, or, for that matter, any equipment that requires a dedicated computer.

Install Keystroke today. It will make the projections or sound on tonight's show - and all the ones that follow - operate more reliably.

keystroke_diagram.gif The Keystroke system configuration is shown in this simple diagram. Rosco supplies the Keystroke hardware and the USB cable which connects to your computer.

The Keystroke hardware electronically listens to the DMX channel (1 - 512) you assign in the Keystroke software. You will also define the commands the slave PC executes when Keystroke receives a predefined value at its DMX channel address. For example, if you were controlling a PowerPoint slide show with Keystroke, you could assign the value of 100% (255) to send the slave PC a space bar command to advance to the next slide.

System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP
Memory Requirements: 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM or greater
Disk Requirements: 8 megabytes
Processor Speed: Intel Premium 300 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III recommended)
Interface: One powered USB port

Keystroke is a trademark of Rosco Laboratories.
PowerPoint is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.